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Can Couples Travel To Bali?

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Bali is a destination on so many couples’ travel bucket lists…

White sandy beaches and lush green jungles make this small Indonesian island a travellers’ paradise! And with more than 16 million people visiting Bali in 2019, it’s a destination that’s super popular amongst foreigners, and rightly so.

Thanks to its beautiful scenery, luxurious accommodation choices and wonderful aura, it’s also a well-known hotspot for couple travellers looking for the perfect romantic getaway. 

But is that all about to change? New, highly-debated laws concerning cohabitation have got people wondering whether couples can travel to Bali, and naturally so.

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New Bali Cohabitation Laws

Way back in December 2022, some strict cohabitation laws were passed in Indonesia making sex and cohabitation outside of marriage illegal. These new rules come into effect in 2025 and have naturally raised many questions and concerns from travellers around the world.

Dubbed the ‘Bali Bonking Ban’ by much of the media, the new legislation threatens up to a year in jail for couples who have sex or six months for those who cohabit outside of marriage.

Obviously, this worried a lot of people who were considering travelling to the country as a couple, or even as a solo tourist. 

But how do these new laws affect foreign travellers?

Fear Not…

As stated in the Independent’s article, Bali’s governor, Wayan Koster, has said that 

“Based on the provisions of the new Indonesian criminal code, visitors who visit or live in Bali would not need to worry” and there will be “no checks on marital statuses at tourist accommodations like hotels, villas, guest houses or spas, or inspections by public officials or community groups.”

Additionally, it’s also been reported that offenders can only be prosecuted if reported by a spouse, parent or child, making it extremely unlikely for any tourists to be affected.

In Summary

After spending time reading into these new legislations, and how they’ve been reported in the press around the world, couple travellers should not need to worry about changing their plans to visit Bali, but it’s definitely important to be aware of the situation in case anything changes. 

Bali is a wonderful place and an excellent destination for couples, so as long as you’re aware of the rules and regulations and these are treated with respect, there’s nothing stopping you from booking your next adventure. 



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