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How To Take Better Photos When Travelling As A Couple

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Travelling as a couple is an amazing adventure, to say the least. And one way of preserving such precious memories is by taking photographs along the way so that you have them to look back on in years to come. 

You can, of course, snap images of one another, but what do you do when you want photos of the two of you together?

In this blog, we’ll discuss five tips for taking couple photos when travelling.

1. Choose the right gear: camera or phone?

The first thing to think about when it comes to taking couple photos when travelling is what kind of equipment you want to use and you pretty much have two options: a camera or a mobile phone. 

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If you’re looking for super high-quality and professional-looking photographs then investing in a camera is probably your best bet.

We recommend the Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom as it offers image stabilisation and post-shot editing. It also isn’t too expensive if you’re on a budget and should it (hopefully not!) get stolen.

A reminder here to always back up your photos to your computer each night, if you have it with you, or to alternate between sim cards so that you don’t lose all images should the worst happen.

Travel insurance is a must too, particularly if you’re taking anything valuable like a camera.

However, if you don’t want to carry a camera around with you, then your mobile phone is a great option too. The latest phones actually have really high-quality cameras too, so you can take probably just as good images as you can on a professional camera. 

What’s more, you often have the luxury of a front-facing camera too, so you can easily take photos that capture both of you.

2. Consider equipment like a selfie stick or tripod

A selfie stick or tripod can be a game-changer when it comes to taking photos when travelling as a couple. 

Yes, you’ll look like one of those tourists but a selfie stick will allow you to extend the distance between you and the camera, so you can capture both of you in the image alongside more of your surroundings.

It also helps to avoid any slightly awkward angles (i.e. a big moon face in the camera) and make a much more comfortable photographing environment.

A tripod is another excellent option, especially if you want to take long-exposure shots or selfies from a distance. Tripods tend to be bulkier though, so it’s worth considering whether you want to carry this around.

But, to really take great couple photos when travelling, why not go full-on and get this two-in-one selfie stick and tripod?

It only costs £14.99 and comes with a detachable remote, which is ideal!

It’s also compatible with both iPhones and Android. Win win.

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3. Use self-timer

When you don’t have a tripod or selfie stick and there is no one else around to take a photo of you both, then using a self-timer can be an absolute lifesaver – particularly if it’s a photo opportunity that you really don’t want to miss out on.

Trust us, it can be rather tricky to get the timing right but with a little bit of patience, you can get some great couple shots.

All you need to do is set the timer, arrange your phone or camera, and then run (very quickly) to get into position.

4. Buy an underwater pouch

If you’re considering any water activities like swimming, snorkelling, or diving, then we wholeheartedly recommend an underwater pouch. 

The pouches are essentially designed to keep your phone or camera dry while you are enjoying the water, so you can take amazing photos and videos of you both enjoying yourselves without worrying about water damage. 

Make sure that you find a pouch that is designed for your type of device and activity level to ensure maximum protection.

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This one fits pretty much any phone, even plus-size iPhones, so it’s a great option, particularly if you’re a couple that has two different phone types.

The fact that it’s a two-pack is good too because you can both have one this way, and you don’t risk trying to pass the phone between you in the water and, ahem, dropping it.

A bargain for £11.99!

5. Ask a stranger

Whilst all these suggestions are great options for taking photos as a couple when travelling, sometimes you do just need someone else to take a photo for you so do not be afraid to ask a stranger. 

Most people are happy to help but be sure to ask someone who looks trustworthy.

Also, it’s always worth being clear about the type of photo you want as you don’t want to be disappointed. 

We’d also recommend offering to return the favour as it’s definitely the polite thing to do!

Taking photos while travelling as a couple isn’t the easiest task but, as we explained above, it is definitely doable so book a trip, pack your camera, and start creating some memories!


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